Friday, June 12, 2020

Let pineapple juice form part of the MAS revival

Since Khazanah is considering aiding Malaysia Airlines, I feel the need to bring up that very drink that we all remember of MAS. The pineapple juice. Please do have free flow pineapple juice on board like we used to have on MAS flights.

I wonder how the pineapple juice got lost along the way. Didn't everyone love that refreshing cup of pineapple juice serviced in that small plastic cup? 

Nowadays the only establishment I know that offers free flow pineapple juice is Tony Romas. At least there's still free flow pineapple juice somewhere. And I wonder where they got the idea from. 

Pineapple after all is the source of bromelain enzyme. And why not have more enzymes that helps with digestion. And that's a good drink to go with the meals. 

I really hope that Sarawak would look into growing Sarawak pineapples for MAS. Or for Sarawak's own airlines. Right now that air route between East Malaysia and West Malaysia ought to be seriously considered. If the current airlines cannot take care of East Malaysians and promise them an affordable way home especially during festive seasons, Sabah and Sarawak really ought to have their own airlines. When considering that these 2 states are major oil producers. Yet their very own people are charged exorbitant fares just to return home. Look at the Covid 19 airfare prices right now. RM2k return airfare to fly back  to sarawak? The state government need to keep their finger on the pulse. How could the East Malaysians working in West Malaysia be forgotten. Every festive season the airfares become exhorbitant too. It's not as if there is a cheaper alternative. Maybe there should be some cruises from KL to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. And it might work if there is a work from home or work any where flexibility. Whatever. But its simply unacceptable when a group of people get forgotten.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More than just water rationing

Mslaysis is a tropical country. As forecasted we have been getting rain almost everyday for the last couple of weeks. Yet our reservoirs are running lower and lower and there is more water rationing.

Is there nothing we can empower ourselves with? There could be more suggestions on how to harvest the rain water. Could we collect the rain water for general cleaning, washing cars, watering plants. Plants thrive even better with rain water I would presume. More ideas can be put out there on how to use the rainfall that we are getting. If the rain doesn't want to go to the present reservoirs, could there be little little reservoirs created to go towards the rain. Just a little thought.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What is DBKL doing?

I am most disappointed with DBKL.  I had an incident sometime in April last year.  The parking ticket which I had purchased from the parking meter which I had displayed on the dashboard somehow fell from the dashboard when I closed the car door. As I was walking to my car, I was surprised to find that the DBKL officer was writing out a parking fine.  I showed the DBKL officer the parking ticket which I had purchased.  He said - the parking fine has been issued he can't cancel it.  Asked me to go to the DBKL office.  So I went to DBKL office  to explain and I was asked to complete a form and see the DBKL officer housed in the room next to the counter. This is where it got more annoying. Firstly the DBKL officer in the room was reading newspaper whilst there was a queue of people.  After waiting for some time, I asked the officer if he could accept the completed form with the attached parking ticket and to cancel the parking fine.  He said - leave it on his desk and leave. - He hardly bothered to look up as he spoke.

Sometime in November, more than 6 months later, I received a letter from DBKL.  In the letter, I was informed that the fine is reduced to a minimum fine of RM30 from RM100.  I was utterly shocked it took DBKL so long to get back to me, and not to cancel the fine but to impose a fine. I would assume that the parking ticket was sufficient proof of payment of the parking - with the time stamp and also the car registration number were clearly printed. It is annoying as the DBKL officer in the room could have told me to pay RM30 there and then instead of asking me to make another trip to DBKL to pay RM30.  On top of that, I cannot see any justification in DBKL requiring me to pay RM30 when I had clearly paid for the parking.  Why DBKL would want to penalise someone like me who has clearly complied with the parking regulations.  I really hope that the Minister in charge of DBKL could look into this.

My experience with DBKL, as a resident, seems to have deteriorated over the years. When I first moved to KL over 10 years ago,  I used to be proud of the DBKL services.  I used to tell my friends that when I found a monitor lizard in the garden, it took just a phone call to DBKL and a team of DBKL riders were dispatched and arrived at our house in less than 10 minutes.  A few years ago, a similar incident happened, and I called DBKL and was told to call another number.  When I called that number, it took some time to find the person in charge and DBKL officers took more than an hour to arrive at our house. Of course the monitor lizard is no longer there. Again, hopefully, the Minister in charge of DBKL could look into this matter.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Airasia at klsentral

It would seem logical that Airasia should have a designated pick up or drop off point at klsentral. Just so the chaos of meet and greet could be more pleasant. Surely it shouldn't be too difficult to arrange that.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pamela Choo - Kina Grannis - Without Me (cover)

Airasia more expensive than MAS?

I recently flew Malaysia Airlines ("MAS") on my trip to Kuching.  It was an amazingly lovely experience.  Firstly I had to make a late booking on the flight and was pleasantly surprised to find that MAS was actually cheaper than the supposedly low cost Airasia.  How does that happen? No wonder Airasia is making big profits.

Well I checked in online so I just had to drop my luggage an hour before flight.  I was queuing for my turn when my flight number was announced and we were told to go to another counter for dropping the bags faster. So I did and I asked the counter guy when is boarding time and he said - now. I looked at my watch and was surprised that it was 20 minutes to departure time.  Anyway, it's amazing how seamless it all was, not really having to worry about being shut out at the counter.

And I got onto the plane, it was a lovely Airbus.  The steward helped me to put up my cabin bag. And the food... oh, it was yummy.. lovely roti canai for breakfast!

Well, I now check for MAS tickets first.  The gap between MAS and Airasia prices also seems to be closing. And in many instances, Airasia prices are more expensive than MAS.  There really should be a check on Airasia prices - why their air tickets are so expensive for a low cost with no frills.  How is it justifiable that Airasia, budget airlines can have more expensive fares than MAS a full service airlines.  Flights from KL to Kuching used to be around RM400 return for excursion fares if you stay more than 2 nights. In many instances, Airasia prices are higher than that. 

I also want to express appreciation for MAS in adding more flights during the last Hari Raya holidays and keeping the fares lower than Airasia. Such corporate social responsibility by MAS is in the right direction, and such generosity should really begin in our own country.  I really hope to see more sensitivity in a family-centric country like Malaysia not to have crazily cheap fares to overseas destinations during festive seasons, whilst having very high domestic fares when our own people are struggling to find affordable airtickets to fly home. I also hope that our national carriers will truly take care of Malaysians first.